Waterproof G2 3-Finger 7mm Semi Dry Gloves

  • 7mm neoprene thickness semi dry gloves
  • 3D shaped for comfort and dexterity
  • Anti slip grip palm
  • I-span super stretch nylon
  • Extra long YKK zipper


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The body reacts to cold by adjusting the blood flow to the extremities, like hands, fingers and feet. White Fingers is a common condition in extreme cold or a result from prolonged exposure and decreased blood flow, if you add restriction and squeeze into the equation these conditions can worsen. Waterproof’s G2 Glove series is constructed with all this in mind. Better fit and flexibility, enhanced warmth, less restriction and squeeze. Waterproof’s Pressure Tested 7 mm-Dry Polar Evaluated Glove features a 3 mm Internal Seal to keep your hands Extra Warm and Dry.

The G2 3-Finger 7 mm Dr Gloves have an Ergonomically Designed 3-D Shape with Pre-Bent Fingers for a more Natural Fit. The Glide-Skin Seal, Extra Long Durable and Quality YKK Zipper with Pull Tab mean Easy Donning and Doffing. Built to last the gloves Seams are Glued and Sewn with Bonded Hi-Quality Nylon Thread and I-Span Super-Stretch Nylon will give you many seasons of warm hand diving.


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