Refresher Programs

What are my options?


Two hour pool practice

If you are confident that you remember your scuba theory and skills and just want access to a pool for some practice, this option is best for you. You will be not accompanied by a Dive World Instructor during this practice. If you have your own equipment this is also a perfect opportunity to check your equipment and make sure it still fits and works properly.


One Hour Dive Skills Workshop (Pool)

If you feel that your dive skills are a bit rusty and you want to have individual attention from an instructor in the water this option is best for you. You will receive a detailed briefing and then spend one hour with an instructor going over the skills you need the most help with. Most people only need one session to get fully tuned-up.


Scuba Theory Review

If you feel that your scuba theory is rusty and need to spend time with an instructor to go over dive planning, decompression theory or the simple dos and don’ts of scuba, this is the perfect option for you. Most people only need one session to get fully refreshed on dive theory.



ReActivate is a new PADI app that allows divers to get a full scuba knowledge review anywhere they go with their mobile device. Not only is it the most convenient option, but you can take it with you on your trips and refresh your memory on the go. If you plan to take scuba lessons on vacation, dive centres and resorts will appreciate seeing a recent ReActivate date on your certification card because it means you’re ready to dive in. Divers who complete both the knowledge review and in-water skills workshop receive a replacement certification card with a “ReActivated thru” date on it.

Get Started

Open Water Dives

This option is for divers who are looking to get reacquainted with local diving. Conduct a single dive with a Dive World pro as your buddy to make sure everything goes smoothly. Dive World pros are here to help you with entry and exit strategies, dive planning logistics and fun enhancement.

*All prices listed are for certified divers who have their own equipment. If you need to rent equipment Dive World has top of the line, brand new equipment available for rent at special rates for our program participants.

**For divers looking to purchase their own equipment Dive World has special pricing for program participants.

*** If you own your own equipment that you have not used in a long time, this is the perfect opportunity to have a professional look it over and give you some input. We are here to help!

Questions? Call us at 416-503-3483 and speak to an experienced professional.