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Behind The Mask

Award winning filmmakers tell strories through photo and video to shine a light on the beauty of nature. Behind The Mask shares a deep passion for the oceans and all like connected with it — they observe, listen and document all the way.

Monster Divers

You’re about to go in an unexpectable journey, become a Monster while living an incredible underwater adventure. Have a lot of fun, make new friends and learn how to dive or improve your skills. Glide over colorful reefs and meet plenty of wonderful marine life.

Bay Islands College Of Diving

Located on the idyllic tropical island paradise of Utila. Featuring the Whale Shark & Oceanic Research Center and Hyperbaric Chamber and Trauma Center, and unforgettable diving in the world’s second biggest reef.

Ocean Fox Cotton Bay

A boutique scuba diving & watersports centre based in Eluthera. Highly personalized experiences shark diving, deep sea fishing and scuba diving the pinnacle reefs.

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