About Dive World

Dive World is in the Fight to Protect Earth’s Oceans


Diving is not a sport nor a creed – but a way of being for those who embrace curiosity, cherish freedom and delight in discovering the unknown. We are merely guests beneath the sea, and the more we are accepted by it’s inhabitants, the incredible creatures of the ocean, the deeper our understanding. This is the knowledge we strive for, the experience we life for, the prize we seek.

— Unknown

Coral nursery maintenance

Pictured here is our instructor Rob cleaning the algae off a coral restoration nursery in Utila, Honduras.

Coral nurseries allow the coral the best possible chance for survival prior to reintroduction into natural reef systems.

These actions stem the loss of coral life due to climate change, coral bleaching, and white band disease.

Global Watershed Project

On a recent trip to Utila we participated in helping clean the islands shores as part of the Global Watershed Project. Pictured here are our divers Lilly and Mareesha who contributed to make a difference in the Caribbean.

We see garbage and waste as one of the primary enemies of the sea, spoiling reefs and choking poor sea life to death.

We are 100% Project AWARE Certified

We are the first and only 100% Project Aware dive shop in Ontario.

Project AWARE is a global movement connecting ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation.

We donate $10 from each student we certify towards initiatives like marine debris cleanup and protecting communities of rays and sharks.

Responsibly sourced apparel

Dive World has made apparel with organic materials in a process free of harmful chemicals.

We look to local suppliers first, and want you to feel confident your product is made with care and consideration for all life on Earth.