3 Progressive Steps

  • Classroom Theory Review

  • Shallow Water Practice

  • Open Water Training

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  • All course materials
  • 2 days of classroom & pool instruction
  • 2 days of open water training
  • AIDA 4 License

About the Course

The AIDA 4 is for people who have experience diving. This course will allow you to become an Assistant Instructor. Completing the AIDA 3 course is a prerequisite to the AIDA 4 certification. This course will be instrumental in bringing all aspects of your freediving abilities to become a Master Freediver.

Improve your technique and confidence to dive longer, deeper, and more comfortably. Learn how to dive safely with the difficulties and hazards from water pressure at increased depths.

Learn to manage your diet and training plans to get the most out of your time in the water.

Course Structure over four days:

• Three theory sessions

• Two pool sessions

• Four open water sessions

Course requirements to be qualify for certification:

• 70m distance underwater (DYN)

• 3:30 minutes stationary breath hold time in water (STA)

• 32m depth (CWT)

• One final exam, with a minimum passing score of 75%

What’s included:

• All course materials (AIDA 4 manual, presentation slides, exams)

• AIDA certification fees

• Pool entrance fees

• Low student-to-instructor ratios

What to bring:

Students are expected to bring the following:

• Mask

• Snorkel

• Fins

• Proper wetsuit for open water diving

• Gloves and socks for open water diving

• Weight belt with weights

• Dive computer

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