3 Progressive Steps

  • Classroom Theory Review

  • Shallow Water Practice

  • Open Water Training

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  • All course materials
  • 2 days of classroom & pool instruction
  • 2 days of open water training
  • AIDA 2 license

About the Course

The AIDA 2 course is for those who have come across freediving and want to complete their certification. Prerequisites include being able to surface swim 200m without a mask, fins, and snorkel, or 300m with a mask, fins, and snorkel. You must be 18 to enrol (or 16 with a parent’s consent). Taking a freediving course is the most important step of your freediving development.

Develop an overview to freediving theory, where common misconceptions and student questions will be addressed.

The knowledge and skills acquired from this course will empower you to train with another trained buddy. You will learn and practise crucial buddy safety and rescue procedures.

Obtain specific feedback from your instructor to correct technique to make the most of your one breath.

The AIDA 2 certification or higher is also required to participate in most training, organized recreational freediving (dive boats, club events), and competitions in Ontario and the world.


Course Structure over four days:

• Two theory sessions

• Two pool sessions

• Four open water sessions


Course requirements to be qualify for certification:

• 40m distance underwater (DYN)

• 2:00 stationary breath hold time in water (STA)

• 16m depth (CWT)

• One final exam, with a minimum passing score of 75%

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