Best Price Guarantee

Dive World Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee that you’ll pay the lowest price for the products we sell. If you see a better price for this item on another website, we will match it + 5% off that price.

Here’s how it works:

1. Send us a message with a listing of the competing product, with a link attached to the product page.

2. Once verified, we’ll email you a link where you can purchase the item with a discounted price on our website.

Terms & Conditions

Prices on Dive World are listed in Canadian Dollars.

We can not accept lower price links from eBay or other auction shops. Prices on such websites are often not fixed, and might sell at a higher price than what’s listed now. Also it is not always clear whether the product is new, second hand or refurbished.

The product has to be exactly the same as the one sold by Dive World, including: brand, model, size, color, etc.
The product must be in stock at both Dive World’s and at the other seller at time of request.

We will beat the price seen at the other website, only if the total including Shipping/Handling and other charges is lower than ours.

We only match prices on regularly advertised prices—not on coupons, club memberships, first-time buyer offers, or any other exclusive offer

Offer not valid on past purchases.

The online merchant offering the lower price must be an established US or Canadian retailer, as determined by Dive World.

The base price of the items must be a difference of at least $5.00

Some other restrictions might apply