SF Tech Neoprene Classic

  • Bespoke made to measure drysuit
  • Hand made in Switzerland
  • Lifetime warranty on seams and workmanship
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The SF Tech Neoprene Classic is the perfect drysuit for recreational or technical divers seeking warmth in cold water, without compromising mobility. Made of the best neoprene on the market, the suit is warm, extremely flexible and grants excellent freedom of movement.

The core of the material is made of 2mm hyper-compress Yamamoto neoprene, a dense closed-cell foam keeping its density even at great depth. Aramid fiber reinforcements are provided on arms, chest, back as well as the knees and crotch area. The rest of the suit is made of Supratex®, a strong nylon and polyester fabric.

Used in cold water of Antartica or caves in Flordia, the SF Tech Neoprene Classic is an extremely versatile drysuit. The warmth provided by the layer of neoprene allows the diver to reduce the undergarments necessary for a dive.

As standard, the SF Tech Neoprene Classic comes with a front entry zipper and telescopic torso allowing the diver to be self-sufficient in the donning and doffing process. The fold of the suit is held in place by a crotch strap.


  • Aramid fiber reinforcements on critical areas

  • Front entry YKK metal zipper

  • Neoprene protection for the zipper

  • Telescopic torso with crotch strap

  • Heavy duty knee pads

  • Large adjustable suspenders

  • Neoprene insulated neck collar

  • Made to measure

  • Total weight: ~5.0kg

  • CE certified

Technical Data

  • Waterproof layer: Hyper-compress 2mm neoprene foam

  • External fabric (Aramid): DuPont™ Kevlar®, Nylon, Spandex

  • External fabric (Supratex): Polyester, Nylon, Spandex

  • Internal Fabric: 100% Nylon (70 deniers)

  • Stitching: Glued with two threads blind stitch

  • Seams: 3-5 layers of urethane sealant


REINFORCED KNEE PADS Extra layer of aramid material

REINFORCED UPPER BODY Strong aramid-based material

LATEX NECK SEAL Heavy duty latex

LATEX WRIST SEAL Heavy duty latex

APEKS VALVE Apeks auto dump valve

APEKS INFLATION VALVE Apeks swivel inflation valve

STANDARD BOOTS Heavy duty 6mm neoprene

HOOD REMOVABLE 6mm hood separated

METAL ZIPPER YKK Proseal metal zipper


REINFORCED BUTT PROTECTION Strong aramid-based material

NEOPRENE NECK SEAL 2mm smooth neoprene

SILICONE NECK SEAL Si Tech quick neck system



APEKS VALVE Apeks low profile valve

SITECH DUMP VALVE SiTech Argo exhaust valve


SI TECH INFLATION VALVE Si Tech shell inflation valve

P-VALVE SF Tech delrin p-valve

ROCKBOOTS SYSTEM with 2mm neoprene socks

LIGHT BOOTS Flexsole 2mm neoprene

HOOD ATTACHED 6mm hood fixed

POCKET ON THE LEFT LEG Large cargo pocket

POCKET ON THE RIGHT LEG Large cargo pocket

PROTECTIVE ZIPPER Trilaminate protective cover

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