9 Reasons Why Regulators Leak – And How to Fix Them!

    1. First Stage Leak Where: From orifices and seams in the first stage housing. Looks Like: Anything from an occasional bubble to a constant small stream. The Problem: Wear and tear, or misadjustment of the internal parts during overhaul. The Fix: Requires a technician. Abort the Dive? Judgment call. It’s not likely to get worse […]

    Scuba Tank Markings: What they Mean

    So why would anyone care about what’s stamped on a scuba tank? Maybe you’re in the market for a used tank and you want to get a sense of its age and history; maybe you want to make sure that guy at the dive shop isn’t trying to sell you a hydro before you actually […]

    How to Snorkel: Tips for Avoiding Beginner Mistakes

    Snorkeling is the easiest way to access the beauty of the underwater world. If you have never snorkeled, or are looking for ways to improve your snorkeling experience, we have a few tips for you! A big part of enjoying the marine environment in comfort and safety is having the right equipment. Properly fitted equipment […]

    How to Defog a Scuba Mask

    When you buy a brand new mask there is manufacturing residue left on the lenses that causes the mask to chronically fog up. Over time 10-20 uses this manufacturing residue will get worn away and then simply spitting in your mask will defog it perfectly. That said you might still find your mask fogs up […]