Posted on October 23, 2015

How to Snorkel: Tips for Avoiding Beginner Mistakes

Snorkeling is the easiest way to access the beauty of the underwater world. If you have never snorkeled, or are looking for ways to improve your snorkeling experience, we have a few tips for you!

A big part of enjoying the marine environment in comfort and safety is having the right equipment. Properly fitted equipment is key to maximizing comfort and enjoyment. Here are a few tips to get you started:


Getting a high quality properly fitting mask is imperative to getting a good seal and avoiding mask leaks. Visit our Toronto store and we will gladly take the time to educate you on the benefits of certain features and materials and ensure that you are perfectly fitted for a mask. If you are not in the Toronto area you can view some of our recommended snorkeling masks online and call us and we will help guide you through your selection process.


Getting the right snorkel can have a big impact on your comfort in the water. You will want a snorkel with a purge valve for easy clearing and dry breathing. If you are inexperienced we recommend investing in a dry snorkel that allows no water in and allows you to focus on the beauty around you. Dive World has a large selection of snorkels for you to choose from and we are happy to walk you through all of your options in store or on the phone!


Getting the right fins is important for both comfort and safety. From a comfort stand point having fins that fit you perfectly is imperative to ensuring you do not get red marks or blisters on your feet. From a safety standpoint it is important to get the right fins that suit your skill set and snorkeling environment. Contact us and we will walk you through selecting a fin that will suit your needs best.

Snorkeling Vests

If you have concerns about your ability to swim or getting fatigued in the water, a snorkeling vest is the ideal solution for you. Snorkel vests keep you floating and reduce your energy output. They also increase your visibility to boats.

Know Your Limits

For the best snorkeling experience you should be aware of your personal limits. That means not going out into open water if the conditions seem too challenging. Going snorkeling with a tour is one of the best ways to access the best snorkeling sites while under the supervision of professionals who are familiar with local conditions.

If you are in the Toronto area you can always use our pool to try on your new equipment and get hands on tips and tricks from our experienced staff.

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