Intro to Freediving

Video by Geoff Coombs, shot in Georgian Bay, Ontario

Have you ever dreamed of passively exploring the underwater world free from equipment? Freediving is the most natural and serene way to explore the depths of the oceans with minimal impact.

Anyone who has held their breath underwater has free dived. However, free diving is not simply about seeing how long you can hold your breath or how deep you can go on a single breath.

You have to create the right attitude and pay attention to the limits of your body and mind. The true appeal of freediving is in the silence and calm it brings to people’s hectic lives.

Whats involved?

Our intro to freediving is a 1 day experience program where you learn how to:

  • Safely extend breath hold time
  • Learn the dos and don’ts of freediving
  • Understand the basic principles of your physiology
  • Minimize inefficiencies in swimming techniques
  • Effectively duck dive
  • Effectively equalize

Course Structure:

  • 1-hour Classroom session, focused on knowledge development.
  • 1-hour Confined Water session, practicing rescue and safety techniques for breath-holding.

There is no Open-Water training in this course.

Whats the benefit?

Explore any body of water without the need for equipment. More freedom, more spontaneity, less cost!


  • Minimum age of 16-years-old
  • Comfortable in water
  • Good health

What to bring

  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Timing device or Dive Computer
  • Full Wetsuit—suggested, but not required


$125 is the tuition price, it covers the following:

  • Personalized instruction from advanced freediving specialists
  • Knowledge Development Classroom Session
  • Skills Development Confined Water Session

*Students are required to own their own mask, snorkel and free diving fins. If you do not own your own gear we have a huge selection available at special rates for program participants.

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