AIDA 3 Freediving

The AIDA 3 is for people who have experience diving. Completing the AIDA 2 course is a prerequisite to the AIDA 3 certification. This course will instrumental in bringing all aspects of your freediving abilities to an advanced level.

  • Improve your technique and confidence to dive longer, deeper, and more comfortably. Learn how to dive safely with the difficulties and hazards from water pressure at increased depths.
  • Learn how to plan and implement specific training routines to use with a similarly experienced buddy to build your conditioning for freediving during training sessions.
  • Obtain an in-depth understanding of freediving concepts and physiology. This course explores deeper into the concepts introduced in AIDA 2, as well as many new concepts.

Course Structure over four days:

  • Three theory sessions
  • Two pool sessions
  • Four open water sessions

Course requirements to be qualify for certification:

  • 55m distance underwater (DYN)
  • 2:45 stationary breath hold time in water (STA)
  • 24m depth (CWT)
  • One final exam, with a minimum passing score of 75%


The full price of the AIDA 3 course is $700, covering the following:

  • All course materials (AIDA 3 manual, presentation slides, exams)
  • AIDA certification fees
  • Pool entrance fees
  • Low student-to-instructor ratios

What to bring:

Students are expected to bring the following:

  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Proper wetsuit for open water diving
  • Gloves and socks for open water diving
  • Weight belt with weights
  • Dive computer

Please contact Diveworld for rental options at a special AIDA 3 rate. Students will be responsible for transportation between locations, although carpooling with other students or the instructor could be arranged if needed.

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