Meet the Awesome Director

Pete Gilbert

Director of Training

Pete Gilbert was born to dive!

He started working in the family dive business when he was in his early teens and was already running the business by the time he graduated highschool!

Pete turned pro in 2009 and has spent a large portion of his career working as the General Manager of one of the largest dive shops in the Caribbean.

While there he specialized in developing new programs and facilitating job placement opportunities for his students. He was also the primary operator for a Hyperbaric Chamber and developed a passion for understanding the physics and patho-physiology of diving.

Pete is a phenomenal instructor, a vastly experienced diver and overall scuba ninja. He holds the distinction of PADI Staff Instructor, Dive-Heart Adaptive Scuba Instructor Trainer, ANDI Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Instructor, as well as over a dozen Specialty Instructor ratings.