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Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter for Shearwater Perdix


The wireless Shearwater Transmitter is compatible with all Shearwater dive computers. By using one of the best transmitters in the industry, you will be able to take your diving to the next level.



The wireless Shearwater Transmitter is an industry standard piece of equipment that automatically sends pressure information from your regulator’s first stage to your Shearwater dive computer. Knowing exaclty how long your gas will last in the water is essential to a perfect dive. The Shearwater Perdix AI can support up to two transmitters simultaneously showing gas pressure and gas time remaining.


By pairing your transmitter with a Shearwater computer, you will be able to see how much gas is left in your tank at any given moment during your dive. It works like a simple pressure gauge. However, with a transmitter, your computer can calculate, using your breathing rate, current depth and remaining gase, exactly how long you will have underwater before you must ascend.


You only need to pair your Shearwater transmitter once, using the serial number found on the body. There’s no need to worry about mixing up signals with other transmitters while on a busy boat.


The Shearwater transmitter comes in two colours: black and yellow. The purpose for this is so that sidemount divers can keep track of which bottle corresponds to which gas. The battery on the transmitter is a 3V CR2 Lithium, and it is user-replaceable. This battery can last up to 300 hours.