Salvimar Nebula 3.5mm

  • Exterior: Polyurethane smooth skin.
  • Yamamoto 39 Neoprene
  • Open cell construction to maximize dynamic range of neoprene
  • Puff-Gum Sternal Protection for Comfort when Loading Spear Gun
  • External Blind Stitching
  • Strong Puff-Gum Reinforcements on Elbows and Knees for High Wear Areas
  • Attached Hood Top
  • Beaver Tail w/Twist Closures


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The Salvimar Nebula 3.5mm two piece open cell wetsuit, has an outside that is made of polyurethane for strength and durability. Salvimar Nebula Camo design on the surface for a stealth appearance while on the hunt, on a highly resistant semiduraprene rubber material. Inside is an open cell” neoprene with an excellent elastic memory. Puff-Gum sternal protection for comfort when loading your spear gun. External blind stitching on semiduraprene for added comfort. Strong Puff-Gum reinforcements on elbows and knees for high wear areas. Suit has an attached hood and beaver tail with twist closures.



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