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C4 729 Fuego Blades


T700 Carbon strand is 40% stronger than the previous T300 strand used for years and lighter Patented EVO water rails increase water channeling Extended Convex Tip for optimum efficiency Overall blade size is 83 x 19.6 cm Priced as a pair 2 year Guarantee against manufacturers defects

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The 729 FUEGO’s are the fourth evolution of the 729 project born in 2006. The name itself consisting of 700 just like the new T700 carbon with large square fabrics that it is made of and 29 just live the degrees of the new inclination of the blades (25° inclination of the previous ones) says a lot about these exclusive fins. More than twenty years of studies of worldwide research and experience are transferred to the curve of the blades of the 729 FUEGO with second generation double parabolic curve D.P.C. now developed and optimized by means of an intelligent lamination of the layers of carbon duly dimensioned and positioned. The D.P.C curve optimises curving of the blades and the quantity of water processed second by second in accordance with the EVO water rails and according to the availability of strength produced by the combination of our muscles with articulations. The 729 FUEGO’s are made from 100% carbon Megaforce T700 a fiber that is 40% more resistant compared with a standard one. They create a high level of resistance and excellent elasticity. The new weave of the T700 Megaforce carbon with large squares drastically reduces the number of intersections of the weaving that cause viscose friction in the fabric itself. As it is less stiff in weaving the carbon thread of the 729 FUEGO’s can express its exceptional elastic characteristics and low energy absorption in the best possible way. 25 Soft is recommended for divers under 175lbs or surface swimming where a dynamic performance is the aim over sudden movements and overcoming negative buoyancy during rapid movements like spearfishing action. 30 Medium is ideal for Freedivers weighing between 175-200lbs that require a balanced stiffness to compliment their body weight and a mix of shallow mid-depth deeper diving to 30 meters (100’). 40 Stiffer blades are still softer than the typical Mfg’s stiffest blade and are typically well suited to divers weighing over 200lbs. The ideal application of a stiff blade for divers under the 200lb+ weight level is typically for deep spearfishing past 30 meters. In this environment a fast accelerating fin that generates sudden thrust is preferred to overcome additional negative buoyancy current and sudden changes in depth and variable conditions encountered in challenging spearfishing conditions.

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