PADI Dry Suit Specialty Course

Who should take this course?

Want to stay warm? Want to extend your scuba diving season? Then dive dry. A dry suit seals you off from the water and keeps you comfortable, even in surprisingly cold water. There is incredible diving in the world’s cooler regions and in some areas, conditions are even better in colder months. Becoming a dry suit diver allows you to expand your boundaries and dive more places, more often.

If you’re at least 10 years old and certified as a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or higher, you can enroll in the Dry Suit Diver course.

What will you learn?

The first thing you’ll discover is which dry suit style and accompanying undergarments are right for you and the diving you’ll do. Then you’ll learn how to take care of your dry suit. During two dives, in addition to a confined water dive, you’ll practice:

  • Picking the right drysuit style and undergarments for your environment
  • Proper care and maintenance of your drysuit
  • Putting on and taking off your dry suit with minimal assistance.
  • Mastering buoyancy control using you suit.
  • Dive safety procedures when using a dry suit.

How can you start learning now?

Contact us and we will gladly put you in touch with an instructor who will walk you through the process step by step.

What is involved in the program?

$55 PADI Dry Suit Diver Manual

Divers are required to own and read the Dry Suit Diver manual, complete knowledge review and watch corresponding DVD.

$90 Confined Water (pool) orientation dive.

This is a mandatory component to the program if a diver has no prior dry-suit experience. This is highly recommended but not mandatory for divers with prior dry suit experience.

$180 2 Open Water training dives.

Training is priced to be run one on one with an instructor. This is to maximize safety and personalize training.

$65 Specialty Diver License

  • All prices listed are for certified divers who have their own equipment.
  • Mask, Snorkel, Fins rental is available for $25/day
  • Scuba gear rental is available for $25/dive
  • Dry-suit rental available for $50/dive

For divers looking to purchase their own equipment Dive World has special pricing for student divers. Contact us for more information.

If you own your own equipment that you have not used in a long time, this is the perfect opportunity to have a professional look it over and give you some input. We are here to help!

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