PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Who should take this course?

If you are a certified Open Water diver then the Advanced Open Water course is your next logical step. Being ‘Advanced’ is not a requirement to take the course. The course is designed to advance your experience and skill level!

You can start right after you complete your Open Water Certification!

How does the course work?

The PADI Advanced Open Water course consists of two parts:

1. Knowledge Development (Theory Component)

Choose classroom or eLearning to review the unique aspects of the 5 adventure dives you will be conducting during the course.

2. Five Adventure Dives (Fresh Water Training)

Complete five adventure dives and receive your advanced open water certification. There are two required dives and three elective dives.

How can you start learning now?

1. Knowledge Development (Theory Component)

Select one of these two options to complete the knowledge development portion of this course.

Regardless of which option you take, you will have unlimited access to in-person instruction. You can always call us or come in to the shop and an experienced instructor will be happy to assist you.

PADI eLearning

$186 – PADI Adventures in Diving eLearning

Save time, save paper!

This course option is best for those who want the convenience and comfort of learning at their own pace in their own space. You have all of the advantages of in-person instruction, with none of the drawbacks. All of Dive World and PADI’s resources are at your fingertips.

You will still have access to Dive World PADI Pros, all you have to do is call or come in.

Recommended Option

PADI Adventures in Diving Crew Pack

$80 – In-Class Learning

If you prefer to learn using a manual and DVD with classroom instruction instead of computer or tablet-based learning we offer that too!

Includes: PADI Adventures In Diving Manual & Data Carrier Slate

The Adventures in Diving Manual can be picked up at Dive World during store hours or can be shipped directly to you for an additional shipping cost. You are required to watch the Adventures in Diving video and review the knowledge review answers with your instructor.

2. Five Adventure Dives (Fresh Water Training)

$250 – Five Adventure Dives

Complete your Five Adventure Dives and earn your Advanced Open Water License.

Includes: Deep Adventure dive; Underwater Navigation dive; three elective dives that you choose with your instructor.

All prices listed are for certified divers who have their own equipment.

Scuba gear rental is available for $25/dive

For divers looking to purchase their own equipment Dive World has special pricing for student divers. Contact us for more information.

If you own your own equipment that you have not used in a long time, this is the perfect opportunity to have a professional look it over and give you some input. We are here to help!

$55 PADI Non Expiring International Advanced Open Water License

What scuba gear will you use?

In the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course, you will need to use all basic scuba equipment. In addition, you will need a compass and a dive knife or dive tool.

Depending on the adventure dives you choose, you will use specialized gear such as dive lights and lift bags. For example, a drysuit will be needed for the Dry Suit Adventure Dive, and a sidemount for the sidemount Adventure Dive. Consult with your Dive World Scuba Instructor to ensure you are prepared for your dives.

Register for PADI Advanced Open Water Course

Choose from one of the options below and we will contact you immediately to walk you through the whole process, or call us to book over the phone!

Course Option Price Quantity
PADI eLearning show details + $186.00 (CAD)  
In-Class Learning show details + $80.00 (CAD)  

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