Monster Divers Buoyancy Workshop

Who should take this program?

Divers of all certification level are eligible for this program. Any diver interested in learning the art of elite buoyancy control for maximizing safety and confidence under water.

What will we learn?

The four essential skills broken down over 4 two hour pool sessions:

Buoyancy: This is really the core of what we are working on in this program, and ultimately the most important. In this session we work on ascents, descents and being able to conduct basic scuba skills while controlling your place in the water column.

Trim: In this session we focus on how we float in the water, in particular body positioning to increase our control and maximize streamlining. We also focus on equipment positioning and redistribution of weights to compensate for our diverse body compositions.

Propulsion: In this session we focus on a variety of propulsion techniques to maximize our control underwater, minimize energy exertion and minimize the disturbance to our environment.

Awareness: In this session we tie in the 3 aforementioned elements into a big picture of what is going on under water. Reinforcing awareness of where we are in the water column, awareness of our equipment configuration and how that impacts our body positioning under water, as well as choosing the right propulsion techniques in order to maximize control and enjoyment underwater while minimizing our impact on the marine environment.

*All prices listed are for certified divers who have their own equipment. If you need to rent equipment Dive World has top of the line, brand new equipment available for rent at special rates for our program participants.

**For divers looking to purchase their own equipment Dive World has special pricing for program participants.

*** If you own your own equipment that you have not used in a long time, this is the perfect opportunity to have a professional look it over and give you some input. We are here to help!

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